Mac Services

Apple Mac Services and Support

Lunasys embraced Apple Macintosh, since the introduction of Mac OS X systems back in 2001 because of its robust and secure UNIX roots. Today we can offer services such as:

  • Installation of new software and migration to Mac OS X from other Operating systems
  • Installation and configuration of peripherals such as: printers, scanners,  iPads, iPhones, etc.
  • Internet and network installation and configuration
  • Mac server installation and maintenance
  • Backups, data redundancy and recovery
  • General advice on all computer related issues
  • Web services
  • Mac tuition
Please note:  if hardware issues are diagnosed, they will be referred to Apple technicians
Remote Support

we offer ‘remote support services’ to you instantly or by appointment. The big advantage of remote support is that in the majority of cases we are able to fix your problem without you having to wait for an appointment or  leave your house.

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